Beginning Program

What boa morphs would be the best to start a program with? If I was to get a couple males/females, what would be the best options?

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It’s more of a personal taste.

You want to work with something that you like, and excites you.

For example, would you want to produce white snakes?
How about Black boas?
Maybe you like red snakes, where leopard or blood might be what you need.

Of course there is always the classic albino gene to work with as well.
Of course budget also can play a part in what you want to work with as well.

Personally I like working with the black stuff, so I like working with IMG.
That being said, I do also have a lot of albino/Sunglow stuff too. lol

Another words, I just try to have a little of everything. haha


Hello everyone, I recently walked away from my company after 10 years in search of something different. I now work for a company building Sunrooms. It’s not enough though. I purchased a Ghost Columbian Red Tail Boa around a year ago and am so facinated with everything involving snakes and reptiles. As a kid I was always in the swomp catching frogs and bugs and whatever else I got my hands on. I decided I want to start breeding. I would like to hold onto the red tail trait in my male but I would also like more symmetrical designs and/or maby some other warm colors. I am not a big fan of the albino look and I don’t care for yellow. For me it’s to boring. I believe I was told my male is hypo, het aneyrythristic, ‘or just aneyrythristic’ and ghost. What would be a neat famale to match my male up with and where should I go to buy such a female to get what I have set out to accomplish? Thanks, Patrick

What means Img :blush::blush::blush: