BEL Complex Pairing

I’m raising a BEL (Butter/Mojave) female and would like to start a future project with her. Complex genetics is just overwhelming me right now lol

Morphs that I like are Mystic/Mystic Potion, Banana, Coral Glow and Butter Blade Clown.

Any suggestions of what I can pair her with based on the morphs I enjoy working with?


Those would be great, any combo with the above. Or something with GHI, phantom/mystic, breed her to another BEL/SuperFire/Ivory etc… enchi? Basically whatever you like is gonna go well with a BEL female


Or focus on girls and worry about a male when they’ve had a year or so to grow!


Thanks! I decided to go with a Butter Blade Clown so I can produce BEL’s Het Clown to use in my other projects in the future.

I was going to wait for her to grow a year or so but once you find something exceptional it’s hard not to purchase it lol

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How do u tell if there is another gene in the combo with bels

You can hold them under a black light and get some pattern, but without breeding them out you can’t say definitively.