BEL gurus. Eyes for IDs please

Ah… the joys of ball python breeding.

Pairing was supposed to be:
1.0 cinnamon pastel sandblast het pied
0.1 banana het pied (unproven)

I suspect that the banana may have had yellow belly because of just how much orange blush she has, but it’s a bit hard for me to ID on her.
It also looks like she retained sperm from a BEL with unknown genetics on from her previous owner.

Any help on this would be wonderful!
Clutch before shed and individual after sheds



Im no help with the ID but just wanted to say those are some beautiful babies!


I am sorry I have no experience with the sandblast gene. I looked at examples and I don’t see any pewters or even sure about cinnamon. Almost looks like Mojave is in 3 and 4 along with yb, maybe sandblast in 4 and pastel? In 3. The only ones that looks possible cinnamon is the bananas just because of how purple and orange they look! But there heads look very pastel to me, and those sides have to be yb? Is 5 a yb, sandblast? Great yb type headstamp but not sure if pastel looking at the pics to me. Very confusing clutch, I may not be getting what exactly sandblast can do to other morphs. Sorry I couldn’t help much. That is a crazy good looking clutch! The heads on those bananas almost look scaleless, there so faded! Colors are great on them! And 3-4 are just so pretty and different looking!:grin:


Thanks for taking a look @banereptiles !
Someone was thinking maybe the BEL was actually a crystal. It’s possible…But 5 does have me thinking YB and sandblast as well. 1 does have that similar head stamp to 5 as well so I was thinking YB as well. Seems like Mom might be carrying after all. (Looks like I may consider shed testing her for pied and YB after this)

There’s so little to go on with sandblast as it seems only @osbornereptiles really has been experimenting on different combos while everyone else (myself included) is looking Urban Camo. Lol

The really frustrating thing is just thinking “yeah… It’s gotta be this gene” and then second guessing later because of a different combo looking similar. At least I could feel a better about commenting, “wth… That looks Mojave” when I cut this clutch. Lol.


Let’s see what @osbornereptiles thinks


It’s mostly #5 that needs that I think. Cause it’s the only one that looks suspiciously not BEL. And has that YB+ look.

Maybe 1 because I almost think it’s low expression cinny on a banana. It’s dark purple has me thinking of it.

3+4 looking to be Mojave for sure would mean no chance of sandblast.

The pewter het pied male was the one with sandblast
The BEL male may have been a crystal possible enchi but still not 100% certain.


Can we see pics of the supposed Sandblast Pewter? I see at least two Mojaves and possibly one YB but no pastel or Cinny.


@osbornereptiles thanks for taking a peek. I only have the Pewter’s baby pic at the moment. Here he is tho: