BEL or Super Fire?

Hey everyone! I had one more question before making a final purchase, and I just can’t make up my mind. What do you guys prefer? I heard that Lesser x Mojave make pure white BPs, but I’ve seen non splotchy Super Fires that come out even more white whereas even Lesser x Mojaves can yellow out as they age. Let me know what you think!

If you are truly looking for a white snake that stays white, your best bet is a Super Russo or White Diamond. They are the same morph, just like a Super Yellowbelly and an Ivory are the same thing. Look up on MM and look at both babies and adults. You will have to look at Sold animals to find a number of adults.

All-white BlkEL complex animals are the whitest ones you will get. After that, the all-white Pieds would fill the role.

BluELs, regardless of the combination, will develop a degree of yellow undertone and a visible dorsal stripe.

Some photographic comparisons to illustrate


Thank you so much! By BlkEL you mean black eyed leucistic right? So Super Fire? Thank you so much for those pictures! I’m assuming they’re all super fires?

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It wouldn’t be a comparison if they were all super fires. The first one is a BEL then a pied and a super fire. I think in that order?

Honestly, I think your best bet would be a white wedding/spider pied if you want the absolute whitest you can get with less risk of yellowing with age. The white on my 95% white pied is brighter than my BEL (unknown genes I think mojave Lesser) but slightly more of a pink undertone.
With super fires, you can also end up with yellow blotches down the back. Most of this yellowing is obvious after the hatchling has had a handful of sheds or is very obvious in the brighter ones. Just browse through the listings for super fires on the sales and you’ll see what I mean.

Sorry, they just never specified so I couldn’t tell what is what and they looked very similar with the last looking the best imo. I just thought they were different variations.

And I just bought a pure white super fire, so I made up my mind already, but that’s good to know. I wouldn’t get a spider pied anyway because I don’t like the spider gene and wouldn’t want to support it. But thanks!

Congrats on your new snake! I’m glad you were able to find an all white one! :smiley:

Thanks so much. :slight_smile: He’s my first ball python and pet only, so I’m a bit nervous.

No problem! And I’m sure you’ll do just fine with him, but this is a very wonderful forum with lots of helpful people, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need to. <3

You’re gonna love him, Black Eyed Lucys are super cute. (I might be slightly biased though!)

That amuses me a little bit actually. In the end the amount of white almost didn’t matter after all since you assumed they were all super fire.

I’m glad you found a snake that you’re happy with! Regardless of genes, sometimes it’s just you see one and you know. That was how I fell for my 2 of my favorite girls.

I guess so. The far right is my favorite, but I had no idea what it was hahah. In the end I don’t mind shade much, they all look white to me. I was just more curious about yellowing pattern i suppose if that makes sense :’)

And yes, thats very true. Thanks so much!

He’s very cute!

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Thank you. :slight_smile:


SuperFire, SuperSauce, SuperLemonback, SuperDesertlemon, SuperMota… There are a bunch. And other genes in the mix can help reduce the likelihood on yellow blotching in some of the lines that are prone to it

In the pic with the three you have, left to right; Hypo Lesser/Mojave, SuperFire (possible Pastel, possible SuperPastel, possible, possible YB), Ivory Butter OD Pastel

In the pics of just the two animals it is the SuperFire and the Ivory