BEL x Cinnamon Clutch

All have gone through their first shed.


What was the genetics behind the BEL? That will help give proper ID’s

The breeder I got him from said lesser mojave. But I don’t see any lessers in the clutch. So I was thinking maybe mojave and het russo. I’m not sure though. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Do you have any pics of the parents that you can add? some of the pixelated pattern in #3 has me questioning some things. I know it will be hard to tell if something else is going on with the BEL, but sometimes things like head color are visible enough to tell. Wondering if the cinnamon has something else going on, as well.

Did the breeder mention anything else from the pairing that could be in the BEL?

editing to add what i think some of the babies look like…
1,2, and 4 could very well all be savannah’s (cinnamon mojave) unsure if its the pictures and the lighting, but 1 seems to be a little more rich in color than that of 2 and 4, so could be cinny + whatever other BEL gene is at play here.

I would also agree, because I’m not seeing any lessers in this clutch. I know lesser can be variable in its expression, but these snakes definitely don’t look lesser to me.

The breeder thought maybe I got a super fire not a bel from him because all the babies look like fire to him. But I bred my bel to a lesser and produced two bels, so I’m a little confused. I will try to get some pics of the bel and cinnamon tonight after I get out of work.

By the way, thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.


Super fire and bel should be very easy to distinguish, so once you post some pics we can take a look. But I would agree that I don’t think super fire is the case here, just by looking at these babies. Russo does seem like the only other bel gene that would be possible, with the looks of the single genes. I’m just still confused by the wonkiness of #3

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Here are the bel and cinnamon. The bel wasn’t cooperating and wanted to cruise.

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Looks like a BEL to me, and the OP has produced BEL’s with this snake before, so super fire isn’t possible.

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Here is my most recent clutch. It is BEL x Lesser. Hopefully it can help for ID purposes for the BEL x Cinnamon clutch.