Belly heat in a bioactive

So I think I screwed up in my plans for my new ball python enclosure. Got a Radiant heat panel, and was thinking putting a large flat rock under it would absorb the heat, but now that I’m heating it up I realize that it doesn’t put out heat like that.

So now how do I get belly heat into his enclosure?

This version will have a drainage layer, mesh, then 4-5” of substrate. Previous enclosure didn’t have drainage layer, so heat on the bottom of enclosure and 1/4” substrate seemed to work out

What do you mean a CHE panel? If you’re referring to a Radiant Heat Panel? If so, they do work well heating up an object placed below them. Keep in mind though the object must be within a reasonable distance (usually 8" give or take).


Yeah, sorry. Radiant heat panel. Well that’s not going to work, it’s a 24” tall enclosure

You can put a shelf below the panel, that would do the trick. What wattage and manufacturer is the heat panel? The higher wattage ones can reach further. For example i have a 120 watt reptile basics installed in a vision 432 (which is 18" tall) and a pro heat 125 watt in a vision 632 (also 18" tall) both provide great hot spots.

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Why don’t you extend that pvc shelf in the back and put a rock/hide up there that’s what I did for mine with a radiant heat panel I don’t have any pics of mine but I will try to upload some Monday when I get home

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I actually just cut the shelf. It’s way bigger than I wanted it, but now I’m stuck with it being that big. Picked up a 12x24 ceramic tile

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