Belly scales going in circles

Has anyone come across belly scales developing like this before ? And do they cause any issues?


Looks like a birth defect… it’s possible it’s nothing but it’s also possible there are underlying internal issues. Given the size of the animal I would doubt much of a issue.


I thinking maybe the person who hatched it may have had to cut the chord and it scared judging by location. Just a guess though.


Looks like there may have been some scarring from when the umbilical cord detached to me. It certainly looks like it happened a while ago and I suspect the snake is fine.

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i had one hatch years ago with an open belly and when it healed it looked like that

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As people have noted, this is a “belly button” defect. Not necessarily life threatening but I do advocate checking the area after each shed. Sometimes there are invaginations with these kind of things and skin can accumulate inside of them and then necrose. Yours does not appear to have that but always good to double check


Ok thanks for the info do you think it could affect her carrying eggs ?

It should not, unless there are other internal malformations which you would not know of without an ultrasound

Ok thanks for the help , I also have worry’s as she has not had a feed in the last two months since purchase ,she was of a healthy weight and has only lost 30 grams from 550 I am putting it down to the move but can’t help thinking that this could have something to do with it

Did the snake have any issues with feeding ?