Best basic x scaless head pairings (few questions)

In everyone’s opinion, what is the best basic morph to start off a scaless head pairing, pastel?

I do have a highway and a desert ghost female but the first pairing with those will be making more of their respective genes.

How did yall who did scaleless head pairings decide which morphs you wanted to use?

I know at the end of the day its my choice I just want to hear what others did.

I know it’s not possible to get twins of different dads in the same egg (from what I’ve read) but if I did a who’s your daddy clutch with a scaleless head Male and a desert ghost pinstripe male is it possible to get scaleless head pinstripe het desert ghost babies?

Are there any extra steps that I need to take to get full scaleless ball pythons to shed properly?

And how much more sensitive are scaleless BPs to husbandry?

This is a very easy, as well as honest answer:

Scaleless… is a recessive disability,…which is unfortuneate, given that mankind doesn’t really… give you the full story, especially not in the face of huge $$$.
Research “disability” as a definition, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. :wink:


I gotta admit I don’t know much about it but my initial just common sense reaction is the same…like why. Not a scaleless expert by any means…but I don’t get it for sure.

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It’s a common sense issue really, blured by $$$$$$$$$$$. It’s as easy as that.

Why do reptiles have scales???

This basic answer is NOT so we can breed them away.— as they had no reason in the frist place. :wink:

@martin_ender Jones asked for pairing suggestions and breeding advice, not for your opinion on the scaleless gene. If you can’t be helpful at least refrain from criticizing the morph directly to someone who’s working with it.

@jones810975 To answer your question, it’s not possible to get the genetics from both dads in one baby. You could get some scaleless head babies and some that are pinstripe het desert ghost, but none of the babies would have all those genes.

If you just breeding scaleless heads then any morph could make an interesting combo, but if you intend to breed the super form and makes scaleless babies down the line, pattern changes seem to show up on them better than color changing morphs.


Rotten… okay!!!

Scaleless is utterly and ultimately wrong. Is that any more to your taste?

Besides: Scalesless is not a “Gene”, it’s a defect! :wink:


This should answer your last 2 questions


@stewart_reptiles wow thanks for posting these. After watching these I’m really impressed idk who that guy is but he really explained this well. I’m glad to know a little bit about the gene I’m going to check out some of his other content as well.
It’s counterintuitive but from that I take it that these can do fine they’re just going to require a bit more attentive husbandry.


Thank you I’ll watch those!!

Thank you, “pattern changes seem to show up on them better than color changing morph” so by this you mean a morph that changes a pattern will be better suited for a pairing to SH than say a desert ghost type morph that’ll change the color?

That’s my opinion. The lack of scales seems to wash out the color, so genes that change the pattern stand out better than ones that change the color. A fully scaleless snake would wash out the yellows on a desert ghost, though the black parts of the pattern would still be visible. On the other hand, genes like spider or pinstripe, which drastically change the pattern, will show up no problem.

If you’re looking at making good looking scaleless head combos rather than making the full scaleless animal then you won’t go far wrong with pastel, Yellowbelly, pinstripe and Champagne. I’ve produced all those this year and they’re belters…check out PWReptiles on Instagram to see some examples.


People like it for the oddity that is, just like two headed snakes. It’s just something you wouldn’t normally see so that’s why it’s worth big bucks.

Exactly how most should think…how could it not be viewed as a disability??? Too many people are into it is the problem so ethics go str8 out the window

Looks like with a little extra care they can have just as high of quality of life as a normal. I think those videos explained some of that very well.

I think the videos are clearly misleading being made fornthe sole purpose of justification and even in Garricks video you can clearly tellche is still on the fence when he says he is leaning towards not doing it as much and there is still too much to be learned to say that it has the same quality of life as a normal when none of em have made it past three years old…I’m pretty sure the only adult one I have seen is from Jason Amos and to each there own if you wanna make one or many it is clearly no one elses buisness but to suggest millions of years of evolution taken away creates the same typa life with minimal care differance isnt very logical

If his “opinion” is that it is a defect and if his “opinion” is it should not ne bred at all his OPINION HAS JUST AS MUCH OF RIGHT TI NE HERE AS ANY OTHER…we are too quick to jump on people just because we do not agree…it all leads to more knowledge and understanding either way unless we say it has no place here which in fact it does

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To be fair y’all doing the exact same thing with regard to the CA guys lol, jumping on them calling them “clearly misleading,” and with having never met them saying they are just money hungry and don’t care about their animals. Lol.

Let’s not be hypocritical here. I think you make a great point this hobby would be much better off it everyone gave each other the benefit of the doubt but it’s a 2 way street.

That guy has way more experience than me, I thought he communicated clearly and I’m not going to call the man a liar when I’ve never met him.

You’re right and it definitley goes both ways for sure…just because I don’t think it’s right doesnt nessacarily mean it isnt…great point

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And I just meant they seemed misleading in my humble opinion…I have seen many people just lose interest in there snakes and I eont like imagining a scaleless snake having to go through that even though its just as bad when one that does goes through it…crying aint gonna stop it so maybe EDUCATION just like everything else is the only way to go

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