Best companies for feeders

Hello, i have a 1y2m old ball python and a 6m old BCI. I want to start buying from a reputable feeder company as i am starting to question the quality of the feeders ive been getting from my local exotic pet store. The only one i know of is Rodent Pro but i was curious if anyone has any other companies that they recommend?

I personally buy from American Rodent Supply. They are in my state and not far away so it is convenient and they have good quality feeders.

I use both RodentPro and PerfectPrey with great success

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Since you only have 2 snakes, I recommend PerfectPrey (Florida) or LayneLabs (California) since they let you order in smaller quantities. It’s especially useful if you have just a few growing snakes

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I have used RodentPro multiple times with sucess, only con is you have to buy in bulk.

I only have two snakes but I buy in bulk because it is cheaper and saved on shipping.

Sometimes people from the same area all make their order together and split the cost, it also helps to get free shipping.


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I’ve tried RodentPro, ARS and Cold blooded cafe. They’re all pretty good. However I am partial to Cold blooded cafe. The rodent quality feels a bit better.

RodentPro currently has free shipping for orders over 100, ARS has a minimum order of 200 and Cold blooded is kinda in-between.

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