Best LED lights for enclosures?

I know that I’ve heard about people using LED cabinet lights for their reptile enclosures, and I’m just wondering if anyone can recommend a specific product that they’ve used and can vouch for. Ideally I’d like something that’s moisture-resistant, since they will be going inside an enclosure with moderate humidity that will be misted from time to time.

This is the last piece I need (I think) to complete my blood python’s new enclosure!


I just use the shorter plug in cabinet/work light. I think the brand is husky, it is a Walmart brand. Cheap and flat bottom for easy install on ceiling or sides. I have been using three for over 3-4 years with my retics, and mist every shed cycle. Also my male would occasionally strike at it(very prey driven) and it is slightly flexible plastic covering the leds and has not been damaged yet! There are a few different lengths, they are so cheap you would just replace the whole unit if needed. One tip I can give, is everyone thinks leds don’t produce heat- they do just not as much as other lights, just so you can figure that into your temps if needed.


Not brand specific but I’d recommend an led with the power source located outside the enclosure as they get hot. The diodes don’t produce or radiate heat but the drivers can get hot enough to effect temps.


Do you have a preference between daytime LEDs, and cool LEDs?


I have been converting every cage I have over to JungleDawn systems. If you check out a couple of my cage builds on here you can get an idea of how they look


Probably daytime, though I’m honestly not that picky.

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