Best recommended pvc racks for leopard geckos?

I know that we can make our own rack but I prefer the pvc racks. What is your best recommendation for pvc racks for Leo’s? I like AP but I do not want to wait 8-10 months for a rack lol


I use Reptile Basics (RBI) racks for my leos. I have the older style with the Iris MCB-L tubs, which are not made anymore, but the new ones seem to be roughly the same size in terms of floor space, about 21x14 inches.

I keep one gecko per tub and I have more than enough room for a 9x7 hide, a humidity box, and separate food and water bowls. Superior Shipping still sells the Repti-Zorb liners for this size tub and I find them to be a hundred times better than newspaper or paper towel.

RBI will still have a long wait once you order, but there’s no way its going to be 18 weeks!


I have a rack from Lone Star Reptile Racks- not affiliated with Lone Star Reptiles- (I have an LS16) and I’m waiting for a custom for use with Rubbermaid polycarbonate tubs from them as well. They aren’t fancy per se, but the cost and (relatively speaking) short lead time are really sweet.

Are you more of a breeder or pet owner? I’m a pet owner, so I’m looking forward to larger polycarbonate tubs, for the increased visibility. The majority of my geckos are very curious as well, and like to people watch if they can. However, the cost would likely not be worth it to you if you’re focusing on breeding.

Another option that would appeal to a pet owner would be stacking caging- I have a ton of geckos in Boaphile Plastics’ PVC stacking cages, and they are really nice. They are harder to clean, so, again, probably more of interest to pet owners.


I’m a breeder

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