Best Substrate

I am getting a new snake (Milk Snake or a Corn Snake) and was curios Oringianlyy I was going to use Coconut Fibers what do you think?

I do prefer coco fiber for my colubrids, ultimately it’s a matter of preference, many different substrate can be made to work.

Coco fibers are good for snakes that need more humidity. Some milk snakes need more humidity, but some don’t. Corn snakes don’t need much humidity so I wouldn’t recommend it for them. I don’t recommend dusty substrates for most species, unless they are a burrowing species or really need that humidity.

For my king snake I use black utility carpet, and for my Eastern rat snake I use newspaper. Cornsnakes are rat snakes from North America so their care is basically the same. When you first get a snake it is best to use paper towels or newspaper so you can monitor their health easier while they are in quarantine.

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And those that don’t it’s all about how it is prepared and how it is used, I use it for sand boas and hognose which neither require or are provided with higher humidity :wink:

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This is the bedding I swear by for all my colubrids. Haven’t had molding problems with spilt water or poo, can’t be stabby like other dry bedding products that are more shredded, and holds shape well for burying snakes.