Best time of year for Exotic pet expos

what time of year/month do you feel is best to have an expo and why?

As a ball python person, probably September as most of the hatchlings will be out by then and it’s when you can usually find the most variety/best prices


I would say late summer to mid-autumn. Since herps are temp sensitive you obviously don’t wanna hold expos in the dead of winter. You want it to still be decently warm enough and have the best chance to have the most variety of animals. I’m not familliar with the timing of the mating seasons for everything but if late summer-mid autumn lines up with them then thats what I’d go with.

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The ones in early fall are usually the best because that’s when most animals have hatched and are ready to be sold. However I still go to expos year-round because there is still enough that hatched at different times of the year and what hasn’t sold for there to still be a variety. If you’re planning to run an expo I would have multiples at different times of the year. My recommendation would be to have one once every 1-2 months.

August-October in most cases, there are exceptions though, I think the January super show in California is quite big for example.

So I am starting an exotic pet expo in Idaho Falls and shooting for the first one to be in June of 2022. So I have named it Snake River Exotic Pet Expo. Right now I have 20+ people that want to vend so hopefully it turns out well. I am trying to get a large variety of things not just bugs and reptiles so let’s hope and see how it goes.


I wish I could come check it out.

Its coming together. I have a venue, date and around 30 vendors. Trying to get a logo together and figure out ways to get the word out there.


I would make a logo that has pictures of the kinds of animals that will be there. For example: a picture of a cool tarantula, a cute gecko, and a snake with it’s tongue out. Try to convince the average person to go there to check it out. Introduce reptiles to the mainstream public in a good light.

I agree with @erie-herps. If your gonna feature both inverts and herps maybe as part of the logo design you could have a T or a scorp with a snake forming a sorta circle around it kinda like an orobourous.

I think theres good resources online where you can make custom logos for free or at least cheap.

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I was told by others not to put certain animals because someone could feel left out cause their type of animal wasn’t displayed

This isn’t the logo anyway its just a quick temp one I did. Someone us putting one together for me

So things are going pretty good and coming together. The page is growing but slowly. I will just keep plugging away at it and putting the word out

I just asked last week about having a calendar of upcoming shows, and there’s now a thread where you can post show information (or at least suggestions and input on the wiki they’re creating). I’m still learning how to navigate forum life, so I don’t know how you would search for that thread. @lumpy has graciously been spearheading that project, so maybe you could get some good guidance from them. Good luck!

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