Best time to buy need snakes

I’ve decided to really focus on adding to my collection and at some point start breeding but find myself constantly searching morth market for new additions (many picking up recessive Gene’s to make hets, not really sure yet which direction to take my projects) basically I’m just building as many ingredients I can, just wondered if theres a optimal time to buy. I hear most breeders start their season in November.

You are right that many breeders do start their season around the same time of year however many big, and some small breeders, breed all year round.

I wouldn’t say there is a best time to buy. Rather work out what it is you want to work with, find someone that works specifically with that morph and contact them to find out dates.

That breeder will know everything about that one morph rather than one thing about every morph. A jack of all trades is a master of non.

These breeders work to IMPROVE their animals, they breed for certain reasons and patterns.

As a example, when the time comes for me to buy a piebald I know one of the staff members on here work solely with pieds and I have witness their quality time and time again so they would be my first contact.
I’d rather wait for the quality from them than rush and buy a mediocre animal because it was ready there and then.

Your best way about going about that is to either use morphmarkets filter to search for what you want or to ask on here who is working with your specific choice and then check out their store.


I also think there’s doesn’t seem to be an optimal time to buy. If I have a particular morph I’m interested in I’ll just check in every couple of weeks or so on what’s been added for that morph. If an example pops up that I think is top quality in my opinion, and is in my price range then I reach out to the seller. It really could be any time of year that a snake you’ve really been wanting will pop up for sale.

I’ve also had good success by finding breeders that have great examples of a morph I want, but might not have the exact combo, sex, or otherwise up for sale. I’ve just sent friendly messages asking how the season is going for them, let them know what I’m looking for, and if they might have some pairings or clutches that could be interesting to me. I did this with my last 2 purchases and ended up with some great snakes after a bit of patience.


Cheers, I was thinking that. I’ll just have to plan my projects and focus on that. Thanks for the advice :+1:t3:

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There is is really no good time unless you are looking for adults, those would usually be found starting in the summer after females have laid their eggs, and hardly possible to find starting November because a lot of people breed using season.

Everything else is pretty much available year round.

In my experience when you see something you want, don’t delay and buy it because some animals are there one day and gone the next.


To be honest mate that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, problem is seem to like everything lol. Oh well it’s only money.

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