Best Timers for Lighting?

Does anyone have a favorite timer brand they’d like to share? I’ve had trouble with timers on coral reef tanks in the past, so I’m a little sore on this topic. But, I’d like to get a couple for a beardie and a MBK…

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Smart plugs were a game changer for me. They’re quite cheap as well. You can get a 4 pack for 25 bucks. You easily change them to different light cycles or pair them to your smart home device. There’s just something fun about yelling at google or Alexa to turn off the reptile room lights lol

You can still manually turn them on and off if the wifi goes out so that’s a nice touch as well.


I second the smart outlet approach. I went with Kasa as they have power stripe where each outlet is independently operated which give you a lot more flexibility and eats a lot less room outlet space:


Yeah, the smart plugs are the way to go. I use the Alexa/Meross ones and they’ve been solid. You can set them on a timer, set them on voice activation and/or with the Meross app you can turn on/off anything from anywhere in the world so long as you have internet access. It’s pretty amazing and super affordable.

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