Best way to remove layers of shed?

Just got this missy. What’s best way remove Layers of shed? Apparently always been a pain shedding, I’m more concerned about the stuck shed on her nose! I’ve bathed her already to try help soak it off.


Did you soak in warm or cold water?

heres a vid to help ya out

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You can increase the humidity to help. Also you could put the ball in a damp pillowcase and let it slither around.


A nice warm soak for 30 minutes and a wet paper towel, gently rub the shed off while soaking.


Warm water, I didn’t put a lid on the tub, but I will try that! I was too busy watching her after 10 mins of her trying to escape it :sweat_smile: I didn’t want to shut her in and stress her since she only came here today bless her. But I assume the woman tried that too though, she Never had problems with her other 2 royals just this girly.
Apparently she even took to a vet who said lower humidity? Clearly didn’t know what they were doing! :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:
She’s on kitchen towel tonight. But she was on coco husk I think it was, my other 2 are on orchid bark and I’ve never had an issue so not sure to try her on that instead.

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One thing I like to do is put her in a pillow case in a tub with a small amount of warm water. By warm I mean just about 70 to 80 degrees. Not hot. Don’t fill enough that she is submerged, just enough to keep everything really damp. As she moves around in the pillow case, it should help her slough off some of the old shed. Don’t leave her there for more than an hour.


Agreed, but warning— any longer its like weatherboarding for terrorists in Guantanamo bay and worse.
My first time trying this, I was advised to do this for just a bit longer and the snake was almost comostosed.
she didn’t move for ages And looked dead., I had to palpitate her chest (kind of resuscitation) to revive her and dry out her lungs.
Also be careful how much water is involved. too much and air will not flow through the pillow case.
Wring it out well, dont leave it soaking and be strict with the time.

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