BeWild - Rescued Blood Python

@aj-admin I’m going to steal your content if you’re not gonna post it :crazy_face:

Tell us about this one :blush:


Great video, thanks for sharing! And beautiful blood python. :heart:

Always nice to see people trying to dispel the “vicious blood python” myth. My sand boa is way more nippy than my blood python (that said, I’d rather take a bite from the sand boa than the blood python, so I’m happy with that arrangement :joy:).


Sorry, I missed this somehow! Thank you for sharing <3
I do love this snake. I was dying to keep him when he was originally surrendered a couple years back, but we just didn’t have the space at the time. He was actually surrendered with a number of other animals, including a T- albino ivory blood python! Luckily, we’re finishing up an expansion so he came back to us at the right time.

My only diss on blood pythons is the sheer volume they are capable of urinating :rofl: Otherwise, we’re huge fans! We’ve worked with 3 bloods and 1 Sumatran short tailed so far, and all have been easily handled. We do need a new name for this fellow if anyone has suggestions! We were originally calling him Vladimir but we tend to rename them if they become permanent residents.


Yeah, they can definitely let loose a lot of liquid. And their poops are shockingly enormous. :joy:

I’ve always liked the name Vladimir, but have soured on it a bit lately due to current world events. :roll_eyes:

Maybe Virgil? I’ve always liked the name Virgil for a snake, not sure why. And he kinda looks like a Virgil to me. :person_shrugging: Or maybe Aries or Mars?




Weirdly, we actually had a blood python named Mars years ago!