BH HRA Trick x Butter Pin - opinions on a couple babies?

BH HRA Trick x Butter Pin babies are just starting to shed.

First baby - I’m confident is Trick Pin plus either BH or HRA but I can’t decide which of the two dark genes are at play. Opinions?

Second baby is a Butter Pin Trick I’m pretty confident but torn on HRA?
I have an HRA Butter Pin that is similar in color tone. Opinions on this one also?


Really awesome pin combos! That dark pin trick is great! I would lean toward the blackhead myself for him, just because of his exceptionally dark head and dorsal. It is a tough call though, and I am not super confident in that. The butter pin I have no idea if hra is in there or not, sorry I couldn’t help ya out more, but had to tell you they are great looking snakes for sure!

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Thanks! It’s a clutch of 11, so there are some pretty neat combos in there!

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The ones that have shed out so far


Oh my goodness! I love these, I bet you love these guys.


Are we sure they dodnt both get HRA. Im not familiar enough with Trick Pin combos but the pin patter on both of those are so busy. Heres a BH, Pin HRA that was on MM.


Hey! So that was considered as well. I know it is BH or HRA, or potentially both, and that is what I was hoping for opinions on!

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