Big Announcement!

Big announcement! MorphMarket is creating a new community-powered resource for herp morphs/traits/localities/etc.

  • a continually updated, wide-coverage, high quality online source of morph information for all herps
  • articles will consist of trait facts, descriptions, issues, and representative photos
  • focus will be on single genes at first rather than combos (which are endless), as well as other traits such as localities
  • primary version will be published on the market website, but the editable/source version (aka “talk pages”) will be in our community forums
  • all are welcome to provide input, but moderators will control updates, and experts will adjudicate controversial content
    We invite you to take this short survey to help us decide what to call it:

This project is something we’ve been planning for years and are really excited about! it will truly be a community effort.


Wish i was in any way an expert so i could help! But i will certainly be glad to have it available, cant wait!