Big head ants finally show up

Last week we had our first majors show up in some of our Pheidole colonies. You can see one, bottom center of these pics.

Our Dorymyrmex colony is doing well too.

We are looking forward to spring and the ant flights we should see then. We had a lot of interest in our ant colonies at the last expo so we ordered a few pounds of test tubes and some acrylic formicariums to put out on the table. The first formicarium we received is pretty nice. I’m looking forward to getting our big shipment of them and spending a few hours putting them together.


That’s really cool @critterscreatures! I can’t wait to see more photos of your ants.
Do many people buy ants at expos? I never would have thought that would be a thing >.<

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I brought a dozen started colonies in test tubes to the last repticon and there was a lot of interest in them. I sold half of them and a lot of folks asked about them and were interested if I had everything they needed for them.

I placed a bulk order on formicariums and at the next show I will have most of my remaining ants in setups that will last them their lifetime. I expect to sell all the remaining colonies at the next show and I’ll have to collect tons of new queens once it’s warm enough for them to start flying again.

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Those are really neat enclosures!

Formicarium, a new word for me.

Ants are such amazing creatures. Your enclosure looks brilliant. If you enjoy watching videos about them then check out these by Kurzgesagt…

I recently found myself up at 2am watching a documentary about Leaf Cutters and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. They are definitely one of the most interesting animals on our planet, the way they communicate and coordinate throughout a nest, each with individual roles is nothing short of brilliant.

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I’m a huge fan of that channel, so many well thought out and researched videos


i love the big head ant hope to keep one day