Big problem (ahhhh)

I’m gonna flat out and say it I’m 13 and I’m looking for answers, I wanna get a pet garter snake but none of my pet stores have them.

I’m thinking of getting a wild one and putting it in a tub

i don’t have photos rn but please help me out

should i do this?


Why not just get one cb? They are available for very little money and can even have morphs, if you want that.


First off, welcome to the community!

To answer your question, no, you should not. Depending on where you live, it may even be illegal to do so. As you’re only 13, do you have parental permission for this animal? If so, you can have them go to the main MorphMarket site and purchase one from a breeder there. That said, will your parents be willing to help you pay for the snake and any vet care it may need? Do you know where your nearest reptile vet is? I’m going to be real here, if not, don’t get one. I know that may not be what you want to hear, but as a responsible pet owner, you have to not just have the want, but the means as well.


Very well said, @noodlehaus.


Lol :joy:, I would have typed something like this if I wasn’t half asleep and half dead from exam week :rofl:


I am 14 and all I have to say is get Captive bred. Since you are 13, I am assuming that you don’t have an income. The vet bills and other expenses are going to be a lot more expensive than just getting a captive bred animal. You could probably get a pair for less that the wild caught would end up costing you. As long as you have parental permission then I would recommend getting one online or from an expo. It is great seeing other young people interested in reptiles and welcome to the community!


To answer ur questions- I only have parental permission from my dad which I live with, I do go to my mom for weekends and I’m scared that my father might not know how to feed the animal.

Like I answered ur first question- my father and i will be the only on paying for its vet bills and ANY care that it might need. u might be asking “how am i gonna get the money to help out” well i do help out around the house and at my mothers cafe.

My closest reptile vet is 2mins away by car.

and no, as person who wants to actually wants to take care, feed, and make sure its healthy i wanna get as much info as i get before i start

(more info- u don’t have to read dis)
My neighbor is a reptile LORD-
they have so many frickin’ snakes
they are the ones who actually got me into
wanting snakes! they are cute lil danger noodles
(also if u can, recommend me sum stuff so i can get sum more info)


What sort of stuff do you want to be helped with? If you have anything in specific lots of people on here can help!


Does your neighbor have any garter snakes? They could help you a lot with care and stuff if they do. Definitely don’t do wild caught, could cause a lot of problems that you wouldn’t have with captive bred. Also, it’s crazy that you have a reptile vet 2 mins away, mine is like an hour! I wish you luck, make sure you’re fully informed on how to care for the species and have everything you need before getting any. Once you do that, I say go for it!!


just like getting and actual enclosure 4 the lil guy when he comes-

I wanted to get a tank

i have two tubs one clear other one a blackish

but i feel like it wont be like- good

my neighbor told me that a tub would be fine but she did give me one of her old


which one would be better? T^T

(Also i washed down the tank with a hose cleaning it with soapy water)


The type of enclosure can come down to preference. Some people prefer tubs others enclosures so just go with what you feel more comfortable with!


yes she did have a wild one as a kid

she has ball pythons and a few garter snakes-



anyways, thx for yall help guyz-


(one more small tiny question)

where is the best site to buy a snake online?


If you’re worried about your dad not being able to feed a Garter snake, you’re in luck there. They can eat certain types of fish (without Thiaminase), chicken hearts, and earthworms (nightcrawlers, not red wigglers) aside the usual mice. All he’d have to do is chop things up and put them in a dish. As for where to buy one online, you can find some sold by different breeders here on MorphMarket.


Regarding the tank vs the tub, there are positives and negatives to both.

Depending on where you live, garters thankfully aren’t too hard to keep comfortable temperature wise. The thing about any snake and garters especially is that they are escape artists.

The tub if it is the kind that has the locking lids, can be very safe and secure, just not the easiest to watch your snake in. And they can be entertaining little guys for sure.

The tank while easy to watch the snake through, can be much easier to escape from depending on the type. If it has a sliding lock top, that would be good. But something like a tank with just a lid you pick up off the top is very easy for a garter to sneak out of.

The tank can be easier to set up a small basking spot, but I would recommend a simple tub with a heat pad and thermostat if you have cats, dogs or younger siblings. If the light gets bumped or shifted it can be a fire hazard. I had a bad experience with a lamp myself.

For the wild caught vs captive bred … Definitely ask you neighbor if maybe they know someone or ask your parents about purchasing on morph market.
Wild caught ones not only can carry parasites or bacteria, but they may also be eating one particular type of prey and it may take a bit between stress and testing food to see what they eat.
Captive bred will usually be overall healthier since most of the feeders are raised cleanly and the breeder can tell you exactly what they will eat for you.

Good luck regardless!


I think your best bet is to go to the Youtube channel Clint’s Reptiles, and watch everything he has about pet snakes, which ones make the best pets, and he even has a video about how to convince your parents!

It’s tons of great easy-access information and you can learn more about how you will need to keep your eventual captive bred snake, of whatever type you end up settling on. Then other channels have Care Guides, which are also worth a lot of focus.

Take your time and do your reading/research!

Edit: Here’s his video about the pros and cons of Garters!

Snake Discovery is another awesome channel with a LOT of videos about their garter snakes.


@1tnewsnakeownert-1 Welcome to the community! I have never owned garter snakes but I think they would be really fun to have as pets! You have come to the right place for advice, information, guidance and encouragement. The people here know what they are talking about. So listen to them.

The fact that your father is down for this is fantastic. But the best part about it is that you already have a reptile vet lined up who is only 2 minutes away. Just understand that this type of vet will be more expensive than regular dog and cat vets because it is a specialized field. So start saving your money for your snake/snakes and vet care if necessary (hopefully you won’t need it).

I’m excited for you @1tnewsnakeownert-1! Keep us updated and the very best of luck to you! :snake::blush:


Welcome!! 1st off. & if your Neighbor has lots of snakes…maybe they could help you find one thats right for you. Do your research. Do you want something smaller? Something that would be more prone to just chill with you? Lots of great stuff to choose from on Morphmarket. But seeing how it will be your 1st I recommend going to an expo…so you can pick out in person. Pro & cons to tanks verses tubs. I used to be dead set against tubs…but over the years Ive found tub keeping my higher humidity ones is easier & tends to keep them healthier. That said…I have cool temperature reptiles that I perfer to tank keep. Also have my keyan sands in tanks. Ots of people on here willing to answer questions & help! Oh & as far as feeding…as long as your not scheduled to feed on the weekends your gone…well… your dad wont have to help feed. Snakes are cool like that.


Overall…for a garter I would do a tank. Just my preference. Get one that is established as babies can be a little more fickle & fail to thrive. I would recommend a checkered which is a bigger species …especially females. They tend to be more robust & take pinks more easily. Easterns tend to be a little more flighty. Something like a santa cruise would be a smaller option.