Big thoughts on a Saturday evening

I am sitting here on my porch enjoying a beautiful spring evening here in the PNW. Considering the bigger picture of the herpetoligical community and it’s effects on society and the world around us. (You know, as you do.) And i just finished listening to this very thought provoking podcast style video that delved deep into the idea of herp ethics and all of this great stuff. It’s really interesting when you take a minute to think, if someone asked you to explain to them why this industry is necessary from an outsider’s perspective. Why you would ever want, (as he puts it) 30+ snakes in your basement, and how you would communicate that passion, that love, and the importance of it’s existence to someone who may entirely not care and yet have it mean something to them… How would you say it?

Well, i honestly don’t know how i would do it justice, but i think that he elaborates on the topic pretty well. Enjoy.