Bioactive ball python advice

Can someone help me out with how to make a bioactive ball python tank? I want to be able to avoid having to use a light or a whole bunch of supplies. I just got a box of zoo med frog moss and from what the box says it sounds like it’s for bioactive set ups. It’s a 20 gallon tank and I plan to get some isopods later.
Does the moss require a certain kind of light to live or will light from the ceiling fan be enough? I don’t use a heat lamp because I manage to keep the inside of the tank warm enough to avoid having to use one. I got a metal shelf and am turning it into a rack but want to put this tank on the top shelf and make it look really nice. Thanks.

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Bioactive wise I’ll be doing eventually.
But the oh did before and was lush.

Coco fibre mixed with orchid bark, sphagnum moss etc. I’ll be making up my own bottom so may change this.

If you’re using live moss it won’t live with a royal as needs to be kept moist all the time and higher humidity than a royal.

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I too would like to know more about BP Bioactive enclosures.

I’m plotting a bioactive for my own Ball Python, based on species that will tolerate the humidity levels (medium) that a BP needs. (I’m doing about 60-70% for mine).

My current curiosity is which plants I can put in there and how long they’ll survive being bulldozed by a python. I’m leaning toward putting them in slotted pots as kind of stability supports so they can’t be totally uprooted.

The rest of the Bioactive factor will just be the soil and leaves flooring, tbh. I’m not a great gardener for reasons unknown. i can do everything right and kill the plants anyway. Luckily I am vastly better at animal care!

Do you know if there’s a way to use coco fiber on about half the tank and coconut chips on the other half? Or fill the whole tank with coco fiber and then cover the top in half a inch of coco chips? Or if soil is required? I’d prefer to not use soil if possible. Dang. Was really hoping to use the moss.