Bioactive ball python set up question


The husband and I are in the planning stages of getting our two ball pythons into larger setups and were thinking of going bioactive. This might be a dumb question but I’m asking out of curiosity and I want to keep both of them as healthy and happy as possible. I’m aware that we’re going to need to do spot cleaning (removing solid feces and urates) but was wondering if the clear liquid part of their waste poses issues in a bioactive set-up. I ask because when they pass urates they also pass a pretty considerable quantity of liquids along with it. (Generally soaking one corner of their tubs at a minimum)

We currently also have crested geckos in bioactive which we spot clean but understandably I have a greater concern for the pythons and the sheer size difference/difference of produced waste.

We were going to build 4’x2’x2’ for them if that makes a difference. Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!

-Jen, Sean, Udon and Soba.

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If properly set up, the liquid portion should be of no issue. While I do not have any balls in naturalistic set ups, I have or have had the following:

Rubber boas

The important factor is getting the system up and stable before putting the animals in. This can take anywhere from three to twelve months depending on the complexity

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Sounds like a plan :+1:t2:. Appreciate the feedback…. Was gonna give it time for everything to get roots in so to speak. I figure they can probably be a bit rough on the planting if you don’t give it time to settle. Clean up crew shouldn’t be an issue. I got more springtails and misc isopods than I know what to do with.