Bioactive LED Grow Lights

Im fixing to start building a bioactive setup for my ball python and im looking for an inexpensive way to add LED grow lights for the plants. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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I’m not sure if this is helpful for you, but I got grow lights for my plants from Amazon for a decent price and they had clamps and everything!

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I can add the info to the dual LED grow lights I just purchased! Amazon,

Juhefa LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Clip on Plant Light with Red Blue Yellow Bulbs for Indoor Plants Growing, Auto On Off Timer 4/8/12Hrs, Dimmable & 3-Color Changing

They are nice because they have a timer. They are also full spectrum and work as the daytime light for the snake. They are NOT UV lights, if you have your ball on a UV light these are not the same. But the plants love them. I experimented a little; the 8-hour cycle is enough if the set-up gets additional light in the room. I used the 12-hour cycle for winter because we are in Wisconsin and have such little decent light.
The arms are adjustable, and they don’t produce much heat.