Bioactive Pacman Fog Enclosure

Do any of you pacman parents have bioactive tanks? I just bought my first pacman and im building a bioactive tank for it.

Id love to hear anyones suggestions on the best plants to use in their tanks and what isopods work best with pacmans. I already introduced some springtails.

photo tax of Tax Evader, the albino pacman


For plants you could use pothos. It’s a heavy-cover vine-like plant that can either grow vertically or horizontally. For isopods I would recommend springtails in addition to isopods. As far as isopods I will mention that dwarf whites are small and dairy cow isopods are fast reproducing and will be eaten. Most other kinds will be too small for him to try to eat as adults but he might try if they are larger and spend time on the surface (like zebra isopods).


I was thinking about pothos! specifically the marbled variation. Ive already added some springtails, but i might try my luck with adding some powder oranges as well.

I love the look of cows in a bioactive, but ive heard quite a bit about cows getting protein hungry and preying on the animal in the tank. Im more than happy to keep breeding all my cows just to look at them lol


I think if I remember rightly when we had ours, we had pothos, begonia, fitonia, fern and others I can’t think of… Also climbers on background… But I mean he did squash some but didn’t kill them! :joy:
More just had his place he sat in all the time. Boring fat guy but he was awesome! Unfortunately he kept getting a prolapse and eventually passed away. :pensive:

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