Bioactive terrarium creator in south florida

I’ve noticed a growing trend towards the adoption of bioactive terrariums among reptile enthusiasts. As keepers, we’re increasingly drawn to witnessing our reptilian companions thrive in environments that mimic their natural habitats. Personally, I’ve been contemplating the idea of having a bioactive enclosure crafted for my reptile, as I lack both the time and expertise to undertake such a project myself. Naturally, I’m not interested in cutting corners; I’m seeking a high-quality setup. I’m willing to compensate for the service, and I reside in the Miami area. If there’s anyone skilled in constructing bioactive enclosures who would be interested in taking on this task, I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss it further. Despite reaching out to several individuals, I’ve yet to find someone with the necessary expertise, so any leads or recommendations would be immensely helpful.

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