Bioactive vivarium Inspiration

I’m looking for Inspiration for a Custom biosctive crested gecko enclosure so please share you pics

How custom are you thinking?

I have bio-active enclosures, but I have not done my own backgrounds as I just don’t have the time or space. I hope to do so in the future.

This is one of my Cresties enclosures.


This is how to go a background if you’re wanting too! :blush:


Where do you get your backgrounds if you don’t so them yourself? I haven’t started on my larger enclosure bc of the time consuming background.

I use Exo Terra backgrounds that the enclosures come with, they are easy to buy Without the enclosure (in UK at least)

I plan to build my own background

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I’d love to do that, but with 2 young children… It’s just not possible. That’s why I plan to do it one day in the future :crossed_fingers:

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Lol completely understand that, I grew up with 4 siblings and trying to accomplish anything is hard as heck lol

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My little one helps, or watches or just stays out the way. She’s very much a very active 6 year old, but give her some arts and craft and she’s set :rofl: Or a good movie!
Then I can crack on making them :sweat_smile:

My boys are mummy boys. If I’m in the house, they want me :relaxed: which I love (not so much when I’m ill) and my 6 year old would be great help, however my 3 year old gets super overexcited and curious :scream: everything take 3 times longer than it should and results in so much more mess :sweat_smile:

The background would have prints with patches, or three love will be pulled off while they are setting and our floor would end up with yuk stuff everywhere!

My 3 year old tried to feed the geckos, he thought he would use the spoon on the glass, thinking the geckos can reach the outside :rofl:


Haha I agree there, my girls like that. She cried on my birthday last week because she didn’t want to go to school :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:
But I rarely get alone time, I’m like go see your dad he’ll do that (just so I can get 10 mins to chill) :rofl:

Awh bless him!!
He’ll be wanting to feed the babies! So precious 🥲

My youngest is a nightmare, I’m sure his going to be a proper reptile lover when his older. He likes to help me set up the picture taking area, which is just the floor, but he thinks toys, such as a car will look nice lol

His not the quietist or calmest child either! I will only hold certain geckos when his around

He sounds like a sweetie, and what do you mean a car won’t look nice? The gecko can drive it, you need to Tell him to get the dinosaurs too! :joy:

You wait til he’s older and he’s helping with everything! Emily’s always wanting to do the feeds (usually done quite late when she’s in bed though) So I’ve said she can do tomorrow’s, we’ll do it a bit earlier. But she puts the food in the pots and into the vivs. I do the higher up ones.
Then she’s getting them out to say hello… :sweat_smile:

I agree everything takes longer though haha. I’m always like shall I come back when you’re done? She always say yeah! (I don’t leave her with them) :sweat_smile:

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