Bioactive vs. Non-Bioactive

Hi guys! So I think I’m going with a bioactive vivarium in terms of the pet’s health and money. I’ve heard countless pros of it, but I’ve intentionally searched for cons of a bioactive vivarium I can’t find any. I’d like all the cons you can think of, so I’m prepared.


Depending on the “container” you are using as a viv, you can have issues with maintaining humidity and temp. Additionally, there is the potential for exposure that stresses the animal out.

Given the adult size of these animals, especially females, finding plants robust enough to handle being constantly “trampled” can be a bit difficult.

Cleaner crews capable of handling the amount of waste generated by an adult will be a challenge (springtails and isopods are not going to be sufficient)


Depending on the size of your collection space could become an issue.