Biological Canvas 2022 Breeding Season Clutch Photos

Figured I would do a thread for my 2022 clutches. I have 6 pairings this season. The first clutch hatched and are going through their initial shed.

Clutch 1: Pied x Pastel Dreamsicle

After completely whiffing on the pastel pieds with this pairing last season this time I got three or 4 obvious pastel pieds. This one, I think, is the nicest and was the first to shed.


That’s a good looking one. How many will you end up keeping back?


Thanks Randy!

For my first few seasons I’m holding back almost all females and a few key males. My initial goal is to get to around 50 breeding females. Should be raising up enough to hit that mark within another season or two.


Another one to shed out. Obviously a Pastel Pied (Het Lav). This one seems to have even better color than the first. Fingers crossed they both turn out to be female! (I dont worry about sexing them until after they’re feeding).


Guessing these will all be hold backs?


If they’re females they’re staying here :slight_smile: . I don’t sex them until after i get them feeding.


Don’t blame you a bit. I would keep at least one male also.


From clutch #1 the best I can produce is a Pastel Pied (Het Lav) which the father (Pastel Pied Lav, a.k.a Pastel “Dreamsicle”) outranks. I also produced a Pastel Dreamsicle male with him last season that I have in my racks as a backup male so I am all set on Pastel Dreamsicles males.

Here’s the parents from clutch #1 (Pied Female produced by Porters Pythons / Pastel Dreamsicle Male produced by Kinova):

I do have 3 or 4 upcoming clutches that I will definitely be holding back some males from though. My biggest goal this season is to produce a confusion dreamsicle male or a pastel yb dreamsicle male (made a female last season)… on top of tons of holdback females. Should be an amazing season, things are really starting to take off over here!

Next eggs due to lay:

(Due 5/17) Clutch #2: Ultramel x Leopard Enchi Clown - This girl is running a little late but seems to be getting ready to lay anytime. I’ll hold back most combo females from this clutch.

(Due 5/22) Clutch #3: Dreamsicle x Pastel Dreamsicle OR Confusion BlackHead Lav 50% Pos. Het Pied. Hoping the confusion got the job done and I have a shot at my confusion and blackhead dreamsicles!

(Due 6/15) Clutch #4: YB Pied Het Lav x Pastel Dreamsicle OR Confusion BlackHead Lav 50% Pos. Het Pied. YB Confusion Blackhead Dreamsicles are possible with this pairing! Worst case scenario if the Pastel Dreamsicle is the father I could make another YB Pastel Dreamsicle.

(I think this girl is ovulating today, putting her due date around 7/2) Clutch #5: Pastel Dreamsicle x Pastel Dreamsicle OR Confusion BlackHead Lav 50% Pos. Het Pied. Looking for Super Pastel Dreamsicles or Pastel Confusion BlackHead Dreamsicles. Crazy combo possibilities here.

(This girl is still building follicles, may or may not go this season) Clutch #6: Dreamsicle x Confusion BlackHead Lav 50% Pos. Het Pied. She has been paired exclusively with the Confusion so I can conclusively prove out whether he is het pied.

Lots of fun dreamsicle stuff for sure. If all these clutches come to fruition I’ll have a nice army of hold backs to advance the dreamsicle project significantly. I dont know of anyone else who has produced a confusion dreamsicle other than Justin Kobylka so fairly cutting edge mutations. Can’t wait to see what this season brings!


Clutch #2 laying right now! She had 1 out when I checked on her at 8 AM. 3 out by 9 AM. Looking good!

Ultramel x Leopard Enchi Clown


Man, that snake is so gorgeous. Love the pastel look.

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At 1:00pm today she appeared finished laying so I unwrapped her. It was obvious she still had one egg in her though. I took the eggs she had laid and put her back. I returned 30 min later and found she laid the final egg in her water bowl!

Total of 8 eggs all with great veins. I’m not sure how long that last egg was sitting in the water bowl but it was extra squishy after soaking. I dried it off as best I could with a paper towel and put it in with the rest. Hoping it pulls through. Anyone ever heard of that?

Definitely wasn’t expecting 8 eggs from this relatively small first time mom.


2 clutches in one day, woohoo!

Dreamsicle x Pastel Dreamsicle or Confusion Blackhead Lavender 50% Pos. Het Pied


5 big healthy eggs today!


Another one went through her post ovulation shed, aka “pre-lay shed” for you ball pythions.

This girl is due to lay at the end of the month. First time breeder that has locked up 9 times over the last 9 months. 9 TIMES!

6x with a Pastel Dreamsicle
3x with a Confusion Blackhead Lavender 50% Pos. Het Pied

She’s pretty big for a first timer and I hope she throws a nice clutch for me. I missed her ovulation but I’m confident she’s going to lay based on her behavior (refuses food, swollen, planted on hot spot). I gave her some fresh substrate after these photos and shouldn’t have to touch her again until after she lays. Can’t wait!


YB Pied Het Lav laid about a week ago, 7 eggs. She was paired with my Pastel Dreamsicle and my Confusion Blackhead Lav 50% Pos. Het Pied. Photos are on my phone unfortunately.

The Pastel Dreamsicle above laid her first clutch yesterday, 6 eggs. She was also paired with my Pastel Dreamsicle and my Confusion Blackhead Lav 50% Pos. Het Pied.


Another one of the Pastel Pied Het Lavs doing great!


I love the two tone look! Super beautiful!


Thanks Riley!

Leopard Enchi Clown x Ultramel clutch crawled out today. Looks like 8 healthy ones! Hoping for some Leopard Enchi double het females to hold back.


Great looking litter.


All 4 are out of their eggs! Looks like 3 pastel dreamsicles and one dreamsicle to me. There were two potential fathers, a pastel dreamsicle and a confusion bh lav 50% pos het pied. I dont see confusion or BH in any of these so I think he’s ruled out as the dad. Awesome clutch either way, hopefully female heavy! The father is a really nice pastel dreamsicle from JKR/Kinova. Mom is an outstanding dreamsicle from Garrick DeMeyer. The babies turned out nice! They’ll color up like crazy after a shed or two.


For sure! Excellent looking clutch! :fire:

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