Birth defect

So that is a first for me. Never hatched a snake with a bug eye before. Even after the first shed it doesn‘t look much better.
Although being blind on one eye he is behaving perfectly normal so I don‘t worry to much. I don‘t think I need to take action here.

Just out of the egg

After his first shed

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Sight is less important to BPs than some papers on the subject infer. I have a male who had an eye removed due to spectacle failure which became infected. Never missed a beat.

I have a bug eyed snake has cracked spectacles after mosts sheds, it’s a simple eye infection concern if it does develop. Not to sugar coat it, simple eye infections can also often become complex headaches.

This article may provide some insight as to how ball pythons deal with spectacle related issues, should any arise.

If it behaves normally and functions properly, put in the pet snakes column and give it a funny name like most breeders do with viable defects.


Will read that medical paper later. Thank you for your input! Very useful!:+1:t2:

This to me is not what is commonly referrd to as bug eyes, as seen in mutations like Super Lesser, but more of a case of bullous spectaculopathy which is an accumulation of clear fluid.

Basically it is the blockage of the nasolacrimal duct causing this issue in newly hatched snakes.

It may go away or be maybe drained by a vet in some cases.


I didn’t mean to imply that this was a bug eyed animal in the usual sense of the defect, just that the animal is very likely to have spectacle related issues.

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