Bitcoin (crypto) Payment accepted option [2258]

Hi, so I have bitcoin. It’s worth a lot and I want to spend it. I know there are likely other snake breeders out there who are willing to do so. But I struggle to find them and I do not want to broadcast publically to the world that I have crypto. As people will either assume I’m mad/criminal/ and or super-rich. None of these things are true. I just want to feed one investment to another.

All I ask for is a filter toggle that breeders can flag if they wish to receive such payments.
I don’t think that is asking for a lot. It will bring a bit of attention to the site and the hobby and overall it will get more snakes sold.

I dont believe it is accepted by many breeders so why not just cash out on the bitcoin? I know you may have your reasons for not wanting to do so which you dont need to explain as that is your business but I also think from a seller standpoint it is safer for them to take payment through things like paypal and venmo just because they have options for dispute in case any issues were to arise.


Crypto has yet to be clearly defined. It has been called currency, an investment, an asset, and yeah, a pyramid scheme. I am a fan of it in general and I do think that it is the future of money.

Regarding its status in the reptile trade - I think at this point it is too early to classify it as a payment method. The President will appoint Janet Yellen as the Secretary of the Treasury and she has made comments about crypto needing to be regulated/limited, which is the opposite of what it was designed to do. We know that it is decentralized and tough for a government to control or manipulate and that is why they don’t like it very much.

Personally, I would have no problems accepting bitcoin for a snake from someone I trusted. The fact that you can buy bitcoin with your Paypal account shows us that it is gaining mainstream acceptance quickly. But at this point I would consider a bitcoin-for-reptile-transaction a trade, and not a payment made with legal U.S. currency.

Just my .02

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Can’t you just sell it off and use money? Or does the govt need to dip their grubby fingers in if you do that?

Also. Bitcoin lul.

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Bitcoin is turning into a way to purchase not so legal items. It has no paper trail but with that being said it’s super easy to use cash app and get actual funds for it. I myself would have no problems accepting Bitcoin because it isn’t hard to cash it out. It’s becoming pretty standard for a lot of places to take it.


I did well in the first crypto boom. Missed out this one due to personal stuff. It’s like looking at Ford or tesla stock now kicking myself.

However I know during the first boom, many breeders starting saying they would accept it. Then after the crash they all pulled back. For a site that basically became the main hub of the hobby. I don’t think it would be in the sites best interest to deal with something the average person doesn’t fully understand.

Even here people thinking bitcoin is still used on the dark web or that it’s secure. If I did a transaction with you, I then have your wallet number, I can see every transaction that wallet has made. If you moved coin from one wallet to that wallet I can see that. The only anonymity is a name not being tied to the wallet number. Once we do a transaction I know far more than if we did PayPal. You could run it through a tumbler, but there’s fees for that as well. Also there’s no way to get funds back if there was a scam. As bad as PayPal is about live animal sales, they are still bound to us law and have to take care of many issues.

FYI, Monero is what’s used on the dark web now as it addresses the anonymity issue and a few others. I view bitcoin more like stock personally. For the record I currently don’t own any crypto, but am watching carefully as a I believe one of them will be a worldwide currency eventually.


You seem to know a lot about this…:thinking:

JK though lol. This is a cool bit of info, but I agree that the site supporting it would be a bit of a risky thing. Sure it could go well, but it could also end horribly.

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I don’t throw thousands of dollars at something without learning about it. There’s hundreds if not thousands of crypto coins. Though only a handful are talked about much. Monero isnt just famous for being the new dark web currency, which that’s the thing it’s actively being used as currency, not just promises and theoretics like 99% of them. They also changed their entire hashing algorithm on the fly when bitmain was advertising to release an asic for their old algorithm. Huge for keeping the mining affordable for the little guys. Was a pretty awesome screw you to the guys basically monopolizing mining. Bitmain produced a bunch of units that didn’t work by the time they got released.

At the end of the day I see it as an unpopular payment option that most don’t understand. I don’t think it’s worths mm’s time to bring it up. I also see no harm in privately asking a breeder if they accept it. Mm doesnt facilitate payments anyway.


I hate to be that guy but… Publicly posting on a forum that you do not want to make it public that you have crypto just seems a little, you know… Public


As discussed above, it seems like the OP can cash out their bitcoin and use it as cash if necessary, so this a high priority item.

A higher priority item would be to add to all seller profiles a list of the payment types they accept (for the sake of the commonly used methods), and at that point, we could add bitcoin or crypto as well.


Currently I just list in my store policy what payment methods I accept. Since day one I’ve listed PayPal, cryptocurrency, and “ask if you want to use something else.” So far no one has asked about paying with anything other than PayPal. So I think the demand to pay with crypto is pretty tiny.

It makes sense too that not many people would prefer it. Transferring Bitcoin is like paying cash upfront for an internet purchase, so it requires a higher level of trust of the person you’re buying from.

Breeders can mention what type of payment methods they take on their individual seller pages and on the description box of their Ads. My boss has finally made me setup my crypto wallet so I will now be taking crypto as a payment option.


@jimmybaloo It is a little late in times, I would have accepted your crypto at any time and in the future. Just look into Exotics by Nature. I’m sure in times like these your hodling since BTC is so weak compared to your last bull. Hit me up any time about it!