Black golden child?

Been kind of interested in these lately and trying to some what understand the genetics. So I’ve read a black golden child is basically like a golden child het paradox? Not sure if that’s right but obviously somethings going on there other than golden child. My second question is how does a black golden child pass down its genetics? Thanks

Black golden childs are typically motley golden childs although I have a VERY dark gc pied. From what I understand though you get the darkest black from the motley golden combo.

I actually messed up on the part paradox part it says calico. I know the most common black golden child is a motley gc. but I saw two different articles saying something that it had some calico in it and said nothing about motley. The article were a little old but seemed pretty accurate on the other genetics. I’ll post some clips from what I found…

"Black Gold"“Black Child”“Black Golden Child”: NERD does it again and hatches out the most exciting Retic mutation in history. This mutation is represented by two animals from two separate clutches of NERD’s Golden Child het Calico X Calico. There is no pattern whatsoever, they are entirely black with just a hint of grayish\white on the lips. The eyes are even black! The iridescence is out of this world!!!

This was from a nerd forum back in 09

There are black phase goldenchilds, and motley goldenchilds.

Black phase goldenchilds are almost pure black goldenchilds that only have the goldenchild gene, they’re not so common, the method of inheritance seems to be non-Mendelian and they cost a pretty penny. The original imported goldenchild male is a black phase.
NERD is the only breeder I know of that regularly produces black phase goldenchilds, and Samson Pruit of Slither Exotics currently owns the original import male. I’d recommend asking them any questions you may have.

Motely Goldenchilds are Mostly black with a distinct faded head stamp and usually some residual pattern lingering around.

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