Black head combo morph? Need help for confirmation

Hi all, could anyone help me to confirm that this one has black head gene in it? It is said that she is a black head lesser calico pastel poss YB.
Really appreciate your help on this one. Would be more grateful if all those genes can be confirmed. I am planning to adopt her.
I am sorry that I only have this single picture.


When you don’t produce an animal, can’t do a comparison with sibling post shed it can be tough as some combos are starting to look alike, do you have reasons to doubt the breeder?

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I personally think it does have blackhead in it.


Well, one of the main reason is because I never know if there is a seller/breeder in my place (Indonesia) that breed black head combo. But some seller can afford to import it from abroad.
I can’t ask more about her from the seller as he already guarantee for the morph, but I don’t know much about it. So that I’d like to have 2nd opinion on it.

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Is it the black-smoke-scales around the pattern that indicates its blackhead gene? I saw it when looking some picts of lesser blackhead.
Many thanks for your help.

That and it has the pattern of a blackhead, albeit distorted by the calico.


Ok, I see it. I also find something similar with it. I can be more confident now.

Thank you @westridge