Black head questions

Hi! So I was reading through so older threads a little while ago and remembered hearing that black head will ‘cancel out’ the spider. That means that the same would apply for morphs such as Woma, HGW, and champagne right?


Nothing actually “cancels out” the wobble, it can just mask it. There’s a good explanation in the BP morph issues thread first post.


Hopefully the universities working with ball python genetics will eventually investigate and write papers on more of the complexes. It is believed that blackhead and spider are two different mutations of the same gene. What if it worked out that blackhead is making twice of something that spider is making half normal of? Still might not fully cancel each other out in a blackhead spider as could well matter that neither manufacturing line is running at normal.

Cinnamon enchi is another one I would love to know what the mutations are doing and how closely they cancel each other.


Its not really making something, look into this study.

With that said, most likely it would help the wobble condition in the other morphs, given the info we have. However super blackheads have also been reported to wobble. IMO you have to be good with the wobble if you want to work with anything in that complex, there is no fix.