Black Head X Black Pastel?

Hey guys!

Just wondering, are they’re any complications with breeding Black head to Black Pastel?
Wanna make sure before I buy from the NARBC this weekend!
I know don’t pair Black pastel X black pastel or Blk pastel X Cinny or Blk pastel X Spotnose (Not sure about this one!)

You can’t pair Blk Pastel X HRA can you? Trying to remember all what can’t be paired without risk of deformed babies. I know no Spider X Spider but also no Spider to Cypress? Of course no Champ X HGW or Champ X Champ.
Are there any I’m missing?

This would be a good thread to check out for you. Morph Issues [Ball Pythons]


Blk pastel x HRA is fine.

Blk pastel x bh would be fine too.

But as it was points out you should check out the link. Neuro genes aren’t all lethal but are generally avoided as wobble can be made worse in some combos.


Thank you both! I didn’t know this thread existed!

Nothing wrong with the combo that I have seen

Acid Blackhead BlkPastel


Wow! :heart_eyes: Very pretty.

why would you not want to pair this one? There are No issues that i know of.


Oh I didn’t know if there were any issues with this pairing, was asking to make sure :sweat_smile: