Black Pastel Enchi clutch

Almost forgot to share them here! These guys hatched out during the week:

The pairing was Enchi Pied x Black Pastel het Pied. Kinda sad she didn’t prove out, but there were only four eggs, so it could’ve just been bad odds. I’ll try again next year.

I’m loving the black pastel enchis in this clutch. There’s a beautiful coppery almost-pink color coming up their sides. So pretty. Might keep a holdback or two.


Bummer she didn’t prove out, but still an awesome clutch ! Congrats.

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Thanks! I’m waiting until they shed to be certain about IDing them, but so far I think I have one normal and three black pastle enchis. They’re all a little darker and busier than the single gene enchis I’ve hatched before, and I’m defintely not seeing any single gene black pastels.

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