Black pastel enchi

I’m not much of a fan of black pastel enchi(photo included), I think I brought it just because I had money at the time lol.

Does anyone have photos of black pastel enchi with a few other genes in it?

Trying to convince myself to keep it lol.

Per your request: BlkPastel Enchi plus a few other genes :laughing:



Lol i need to know all the ingredients to make the dish lol

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Well for starters, it’ll probably look better when it’s not in shed. That being said though, Some of them just turn out better than others. I’m really happy with mine.


Just add a lil butter lol


Hahaha for sure

Funny, I saw this same snake on CL in Tucson? Did you end up getting all 4?

I really liked that Ultramel.

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But if I tell you then you can go out and make a million more of them and then no one will like him anymore LOL

I believe he is at least BlkPastel Butter Enchi OD. Might have YB in him too.

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Loooooove black pastels and cinny’s and enchi is just one of those common genes that are great to have around.

So what else is in this one? Clown? Beautiful animal.

No Clown. From my previous post above :+1:t4: