Black Pastel Orange Dream Yellowbelly aka "Halloween" [PENDING]

Species: Ball Python
Name of Combo : Black Pastel Orange Dream Yellowbelly
First produced by whom: Unknown - Ozzy Boids/Rico Feliciano?
Year First Produced:
Genetics Types (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc): Three Incomplete Dominant genes
Other names/aliases for it? : “Halloween”
Description : I am submitting this request to nickname the morph combo, “Halloween.” The colors strongly resemble the widely known “black and orange” Halloween theme colors. It is also a much easier and quicker name to say than “Black Pastel Orange Dream Yellowbelly.” I am not claiming to be the first to produce this combo or to have found any of the genes. I simply wish to give it the alias of “Halloween.”

Appearance ; What it does/looks like?
* Head: Milk chocolate brown with a faded head and beige eye stripes.

  • Body: Deep black, rich browns and vibrant orange throughout.
  • Belly: Pale ivory
  • Tail: same as body with the possibility of a white ringer.

Problems : None
History : The corresponding genes were founded by their respective owners. I did not and am not claiming to be the first to discover any of the genes listed.
Disagreement or Controversy: I am prepared to receive disagreements on this form request and to respectfully debate my reasoning as to why this should be approved. Unless this morph combo has already recieved an alias I’m unaware of, I would love to see this name follow through.

Please attach at least 3 photos you have rights to which you are granting to be used on MorphMarket .

Snake example one

Snake example two


Very nice! And great timing to show it off!


Thank you very much! And I agree, it’s very fitting for the season!


I love the look of this!


Definitely digging the Halloween name!


Thank you! It’s definitely in our top favorites right now :grin:

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Yes! It’s so fitting and with the “Halloween Pied” name being accepted it’s only fair this verison gets the name “Halloween” :blush: