Black pine snake breeders in Tennessee

Does anyone know any black pine snake breeders in Tennessee because I don’t feel like traveling from one state to another just to get bps.

Wait until it cools off and let a breeder mail the snake to a FedEx hub near you.

Black pine snakes cannot be transported across state lines in most cases. Which also means @godzilla13 wouldn’t be able to travel to another state and get one to bring back to their state legally. I don’t know of any breeders in the midwest at all. All of the breeders I have seen have been West coast.

Oooooh ok. I didn’t know that.

I’m in east Tennessee, I’m nowhere near the Midwest.

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Tennessee is right outside the midwest. All of the black pine snake breeders I am aware of are still west coast and nowhere near you. Have you looked up the laws on keeping them and transporting them in Tennessee? Or nearby surrounding states? It could also be that it is really hard for people to legally remove them from the states they are native to.

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