Blade/enchi/reduce pattern clown?

Hi i need help. Am breeding CG het Clown with non identify clown. Pls take a look these baby and parent.
Is it blade, enchi or reduce pattern gene?


Can you post a pic of the headstamp on the clown? It may be helpful.

The mother or baby?


Well to be honest, once in Clown, it is difficult to say whether it is any of the three. But it looks like there is something else at play as well, judging by the pic of the head stamp of the male and the pic of the two clown babies, Iā€™m wondering about Orange Dream. Really the only way to isolate it is pair the male clown with a normal female and see what comes out. Obviously, everything will be het for Clown, but hopefully you will isolate the other genes in the mix. The babies are gorgeous to be sure. Congrats.

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Looks like leopard on the two clown babies. But I agree the one non clown baby looks almost Enchi-ish.