Blind/flowerpot snakes?

So I have always been intrigued by blind snakes and have always had a plan to eventually try and care for them but recently, I found one and it turned that spark of interest into a much bigger spark of interest (yes I have an amazing way with words, I know). But I can’t find much about them in terms of care. All I can really find is that they reproduced through parthenogenesis, are non native to much of the world, and are small. I know that they commonly eat ant larvae and termites in the wild but have also heard that they will eat baby isopods and springtails. So could I just set up what is for all intents and purposes an isopod colony (probably dwarf whites as the adults could probably be eaten and the snake eggs wouldn’t be touched) and just throw a couple flowerpot snakes in?


I found one in my last apartment’s bathroom of all places. Made no sense to me as it was in the center of the apartment with one on either side as well. I assume it crawled up from under the tiles and found it’s way through some water damaged baseboard.

They’re really neat and super cute! But so small…
I assume the one I saw was working on termites but I hope it did okay after I released it outside.

It would be a neat project for sure if you were able to get them eating. That’s the only thing I would really worry about. Sometimes trying to switch over a specialized eater like that is difficult…and termites are not easy to raise. Ants may not be too bad but still wouldn’t know how you would get them to eat offhand.

If you try it, I wish you luck!


I believe that the information about them eating isopods is conflation of other, larger blind snake species being known to eat them and that info has then been misapplied to encompass all blind snakes

If you are serious about trying to keep Brahminy, my first recommendation would be to start by picking up a formicaria and trying hobby level myrmecology. If you can successfully establish and maintain an ant colony then you would have a known stable and sustainable source of food for your animals. I know it sounds kind of callous, but far better to kill a bunch of ants than to kill a snake

A very nice myrmec site I have found is Tar Heel Ants:


Ants Canada is another good source for any info/supplies/ants as well.
Tar Heel looks like it has some awesome formicariums though.