Blinkey Check-In

I try to do monthly updates of our girl Blinkey on our social media accounts. I mentioned awhile back that she’s one of 3 (known) Plains hogs with these traits that’s lived longer than 7 months. She’s almost a year and 8 months, and has quite the personality :grimacing:


What kind of traits do you mean? What causes them to die exactly? Just something internally wrong or failure to thrive?


Whatever undefined morph she may be. The yellow base colour, reduced headstamp, orange spots along the sidewalls. It’s not known why they die early on. A few have been produced over the years and died shortly out of the egg. The longest living one I know of died just before 7 months. This is why I do updates every so often :slight_smile: I didn’t have much hope she’d live to 1 year, let alone coming up to 2.


Does the morph have a name yet? If it’s proven to be genetic it would be odd if it doesn’t have a name.

She’s very pretty! I hope she lives a long time for you.

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