Block Sellers/Stores with Search Filters [DONE] [#283]

I’d really like this feature too. There are two vendors in particular on MM that I refuse to buy from but they are very prolific posters in the species I’m most interested in. Sometimes have to wade through up to three pages worth from them to see if anyone else has posted anything I’m interested in.

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My bane is the vendor that posts twenty pages worth of animals in one sitting…


I know this is older, but I wanted to add my two cents in, I think this is a much needed feature, every time I look on this site for a new addition to my pet collection, I get bombarded with mass breeders with horrible quality animals that aren’t socialized, so it would be great if you could either type in breeders you don’t want to see from, or just have an option on the breeders page to block them permanently, so you don’t have to constantly type it (though you could unblock them if you wanted to see their stuff)


I didn’t know it was a topic and I almost started it myself. But I would love to be able to filter out certain breeders. To be able to customize the filter to each individual. I don’t think it has to be permanent, just on a search by search basis.


This feature has been released.

When you block a store, all of their ads will be excluded from your searches.

To block a store, use the Block Store button on the upper right of their store profile, while you’re logged in. To see all stores you’ve blocked, use the menu to navigate to your Followed (and Blocked) Stores page. There you can easily unblock.

Something to keep in mind is that index pages with ad counts reflect the total number of ads on the site. It’s not until after you execute a search that you may see a reduced number due to excluded ads. We put an asterisk on the total result count to remind you of this possibility.