Blocking Bot Traffic

The site has been down for periods of 5 minutes or so at a time over the last couple of hours. Only about 20-30 minutes total, but it’s annoying.

Thankfully we have security in place to block these bots, however, when we raise the security to that level, it does block some legitimate traffic as well. If you get a message about being blocked, this is why – it has nothing to do with you specifically. We will be working to improve our filters over the next couple of days to block the bad traffic and block less of the good traffic. You can also try another device or browser, sometimes a mobile phone might get through when a desktop won’t. I don’t think this is happening to most people but a few.

Also, another PSA – someone has been texting some breeders directly, trying to get them to share the SMS code which Google sends for a password reset. It’s a pretty obvious scam. The Google text message even clearly says “Do not share this with anyone”, but just want you to be aware. Since it’s not on our site, there’s nothing we can do about it.