Blood in feces

I have a 2 year old male hognose named Loki who has blood in his feces for several months now. After visiting a vet, intestinal parasites were diagnosed and I had to give him Flagyl for 5 days. Afterward, he still had blood in his feces. So I had his poop tested at two different vets and both could not find any parasites in his poop. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be?
Other than the blood in his feces he looks healthy, except he has not been eating for the last few weeks since he did that last year too during winter I don’t think this is directly linked to this issue.

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I have not kept my own snake, but frank blood (the bright red blood) or melena (digested blood that looks black in poo & like coffee grounds in mammals) is generally a very serious sign that is best addressed by veterinary professionals. If your herp vet (not dog/cat vet) can send out some lab work (like CBC/Chem) +/- take some radiographs or ultrasound, that would give you a lot more information for a potentially very serious problem.