Blood mandarin SHB x wild SHB?

I’ve been out of the Leo game for quite a while. Just recently I’ve decided to re-enter very slowly.

If I cross a blood mandarin super hypo baldy with a regular yellow super hypo baldy, will I get any orange offspring?

Also, does SHB x SHB beget SHB offspring, or it just random?

Yes, I know I can use the calculator, but sometimes there’s no substitute for human interaction.

They’re all polymorphic traits. They’re not guaranteed to pass on. They were selectively bred to look that way.

You will likely end up with a mix somewhere in the middle. I’m assuming by wild Super Hypo Baldy, you mean just a pet store find? Because not knowing the lineage will mean you may end up with some hypos and not all super hypos.

There’s a chance you’ll still get some nice offspring but most if not all of them will never be as good as the blood Mandarin. However, you can always then work towards improving the color by breeding the best you can together.


Thank you.

There seems to be a slew of new genetics since I was in the game. :rofl: