Blood python breeders UK?

Does anyone know any breeders in the UK? I’ve been looking for a short tail preferably blood for over a year and I can’t ever find any

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Hi Jay, welcome to the community :blush:
Nice to see another UK member.

On the forum we can not recommend breeders (to stop favouritism or potentially leading you to a bad deal).

Now, you can use the filters on the Marketplace to help you find them… Blood Pythons in Europe and also use the Morphmap to find breeders local to yourself.

If you don’t find any for sale, change the “Availablity” to All in the filters and you will see ones that have sold, which will let you know which breeders are working with them.

Reach out and ask them breeders if they have any that haven’t been listed yet.

I hope that helps you some.

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