Blue Eye Leucistic Complex

Heyo. Been waiting for a while to pickup a BEL, just got everything delivered recently, and the viv is now in a pretty stable setup.

Always known I wanted a BEL complex ball/royal python, but only when I started looking at the exact differences between the combinations in the complex did I realize that not all combinations are equal.

Trying to find concrete and concise info on this is a bit tricky, lots of info is old, and most videos seem to leave stuff out that other videos mention. So, is there any good single and up to date info resource out there for BEL complex ball pythons that includes info about issues of each morph, such as the known issues regarding bug eyes, wobbles, or some morphs becoming a dirty white/yellow over time?

Last thing I want to do is purchase some morph that is known to have neurological issues without realizing until it’s too late.

Many thanks.


Merry Christmas and welcome to the forum! You most definitely came to the right place for questions such as these and you will definitely get answers!

Glad to have you here! :heart::blush:


The morphpedia definitely has some of the info you’re looking for.


@solarserpents suggestion for morphipedia is a great start
You can also check in this thread here:

It’s kept pretty up to date with new info when it drops.
As far as the BEL complex goes though…
The complex is a pretty clean one as long as you aren’t breeding BEL Pieds, BEL albinos or Super Butter/Lessers.
BEL Pieds and albinos can have small eyes
Super Lesser/Butter can have bug eyes

If you are looking for a very white snake with as little yellow as possible and without the risk of eye issues you would want to look into a Mojave lesser/butter, Super Bamboo or a Super Russo. Combos of lesser/butter and bamboo or Russo should be clean too iirc
Other combinations can have varying degrees of yellow or grey markings. Like the ‘Crystal’ which is Mojave/Special which is a pretty yellow snake with blue eyes. Even super Mojave will have a grey head but white body.


A little hint with Morphpedia: once you’re on the page, select “Ball Pythons” then click the filter on the right side adjacent to “Alphabetical” and there you will see the different complexes


The BEL combo that stays the brightest white is unfortunately Super Lesser which also tend to have macrophtalmia. All of the other combos will pick up a yellow tint over time. Black Eyed Leucistics remain bright white without yellowing out, other than any other yellow pattern spots they may have.


Extremely concise information, great to know as I never even looked at the black-eyed leucistic complex. Thanks for pointing that out to me.


Thanks, great to be here. Didn’t even realize there was a forum until today, made the account back in 2020 just to browse morphs :slight_smile:


Awesome info, this really streamlines the searching process for me, can’t thank you enough <3


As mentioned by @ballornothing, Super Lesser or Super Butter are the whitest of the Blue Eyed Leucistics (BELs), but they can also come with “bug eyes”. Sometimes one eye is bug eyed and the other is normal. As far as we know, the bug eyes don’t affect the health or wellbeing of the BP, it’s just some of us humans that might be turned off by it.


You are very welcome and I told ya you would get some answers! There is so much experience/expertise and knowledge here that it’s mind blowing!

Enjoy! We have a lot of fun too! :blush:

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