Blue eye? On a spied?

I have a spied het albino with a blue eye…

Is it just an oddity or is blue eye a sign of a difference morph??

Do you know the parentage? Also do you have photos?

Without knowing the parentage, I’d probably just say some sort of fluke if it’s a single healthy looking blue eye.
That said if it’s cloudy looking or looks like a cataract on a person, that could be a health issue.

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It could be a simple case of heterochromia, which as @armiyana points out, is just a genetic anomaly. If the animal is healthy otherwise, there should be little cause for concern.

Would you be able to share pictures of the BP, both of the eyes and of the entire animal?

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I know mother was albino pied, father was spied

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I don’t see anything but a nice looking ball python!

The eye almost looks a bit hazy to me in these photos. Like a possible retained eyecap maybe?

It doesn’t really appear ‘blue’ to me either. Also the color towards the rear looks like the sclera or connective tissue like the snake is looking ahead. On some snakes it can be a little more pronounce from the eye or eyeridge shape, if they’re stressed or dehydrated or even if they’re just a bit cross eyed.

Maybe someone else will stop in with a better or more thorough opinion from these photos.


The eye is not blue, you are seeing the sclera of the animal’s eye which is not white like our own, but somewhat pigmented


Oh ok. I didnt know that

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